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 A poll you shouldnt miss ^_^

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Bryan = Biatch??
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PostSubject: A poll you shouldnt miss ^_^   Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:41 am

here's a poll where you can shout out with confidentiality and your identities hidden.. so why be scared of being banned? Besides it's just a poll
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Kill me QUICK

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PostSubject: looserr   Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:30 pm

so whats bragin you about??
if u dont like the server then leave. as simple as that.
your like a child. cryin for yoh mama..
so if u think this server is not good
then SHUT UP and LEAVE..

hope u do understand the meaning of SHUT UP..
so if i see your post again in here. it means u dont understand

and 1 more thing. bryan dont give warlock items, hes friends dont have
that item too. the only other person who has that item is [gm] loki coz he has a @item commands before.

and about the donation, bryan dont take donations.. he pays the vps from hes on pocket..

and lantis did u ever donated to bryan? the answer to that is NO.. coz bryan dont take donations.
(exeption for the canadians, coz the canadians ask if they can donate personally to bryan. coz if they will donate using western union with vidz it will cost them extra 13 bucks which they can be added in the total amount of their donation.)

your just pissed lantis coz youve been kick-out from this server. and the only thing you do is to post some stupid things in this forum which is thats how LOSER people do.. and YOUR ONE OF THEM..

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A poll you shouldnt miss ^_^
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